Experience You Can Trust

Strategic Imaging began operating on January 1, 2008 as a division of the VGM Group, Inc. From our first job, we had an eye on the future so we could anticipate what our customers would be looking for. Our vision was to offer specialized variable data digital printing to include services like targeted marketing with the use of analytics, allowing our customers to see a better ROI so they’re budget does more to help their business.

We have some of the most environmentally friendly printing equipment and facilities in the market. But our greatest asset is our people and their commitment to producing a quality product and providing great customer service.


Employee owned since 2008

We are proud to be employee-owned. Associates come to work every day knowing they own a stake in the future of VGM. And as an advisor and solution provider for more than 25,000 companies throughout the nation, we understand the growth of our company reflects the success of our customers.

A committee of 13 VGM Associates is charged with educating fellow employees about the privileges and responsibilities of being an employee owner. Highlights include an annual review of the health of the Employee Ownership Stock Plan (ESOP), monthly awareness events and a slogan contest.


More Than Just Printing

VGM Group, Inc. is a national leader in diverse industries including health care, insurance and golf. We provide business solutions to more than 25,000 companies throughout the United States and Canada, positioning them to save money and run more efficiently.

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